Howie is a gullible wire-haired dacshund, yet his parents, Howard and Heather, were considered part werewolf by, of course, Chester. For unknown reasons, Howie always calls Chester "Pop" and Harold "Uncle Harold", even though they aren't related. Howie writes the Tales From the House of Bunnicula Series, with another small dog that he likes named Delilah.






  • In Return to Howliday Inn, Howie thinks the meeting about Rosebud is a meeting about an election Howie would be in. Chester then tells him later on to work on his acceptance speech, yet Howie just starts yipping around awhile before.
  • Howie was named by Pete at the end of Howliday Inn before the Monroes adopt him. He was named after his father, whose name was Howard.
  • Howie makes a "yipping" noise and a howling noise, which Chester greatly dislikes, that he gets from his parents.
  • Howie makes his howling when Chester tries to teach him to meditate, and this lesson is brought up in other books in the original series.