Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow is seventh and final book of Bunnicula Series.


Pete writes to the author of his (and Howie's) favorite series, FleshCrawlers. He visits the Monroe household and stays in the guestroom, bringing with him his favorite pet crow, Edgar Allan Crow. Everyone is thrilled, except for Chester, who insists that the author, M.T. Graves, is suspicious. He notes that something bad always happens to the pets in Graves's books, and when he wrote back to Pete, he seemed especially interested in spending some "quality time with the pets," particularly Bunnicula, whom Chester has now befriended. Harold and Howie aren't convinced, but Chester feels certain that there is a secret society amongst the crows, and Edgar is a messenger sent to help Graves transform Bunnicula into a bat. When Bunnicula escapes, the entire party follows him to catch him, and Harold and Howie begin to think that Chester may have been right. M.T. Graves is very careful about a black bag, and when Bunnicula is not found, Chester believes he is trapped in the bag. Harold dumps the bag, only to embarrass Graves in front of everyone because it was filled with stuffed animals.

In the end, M.T. Graves tells them that he was a nervous boy when he was younger and was afraid of dogs and cats, so he figured he would stay at the Monroe's house so that he could conquer his phobia. Graves falls in love with Pete's school librarian, and marries her. Graves releases Edgar because Edgar fell in love with another crow. Then he adopts Sonnicula, Bunnicula's son. After Graves left, Pete got a letter that said he was inspired to write two books from visiting the Monroes: one called Quoth the Raven about his relationship with Edgar, and another called The Excellently Weird Adventures of Charlie the Cat from Galaxy Nine, inspired by Chester, who was less than thrilled to discover he was one of the, as he put it, "psycho creatures from M.T. Graves' demented novels."



  • It was called Bunnicula vs The Monster Raven.
  • James Howe is mentioned when Pete says that all of the other kids wanted to choose authors like J.K. Rowling or James Howe.